Nandamuri Kalyanram as Bimbisara

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Nandamuri Kalyanram New movie as Bimbisara, In a mythical land lost to history, there lived a barbarian King. This is his tale.  NKR18

Hero Kalyan Ram has been waiting for a long time for the right flour. His last film was ‘Entha Manchi Vadivayya’. It took a long time to start a new movie as the movie also flopped. Started making films a few months ago with a new director named Rajendra under the banner of Mythri Movie Makers. However, as it was yesterday, Kalyan Ram announced his new film.

The pre-look of the film, which is being made by a new director named Vashisht, was released yesterday. Recently, a short teaser was released revealing the title of the film. In the teaser, Kalyan Ram is seen wearing a lion toy armor and holding a sword. There are dozens of soldiers lying dead and corpses at his feet. An attempt was made to elevate this teaser with a background score.

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